Adopting A Baby in Phoenix

If you are planning on adopting a baby in Phoenix, Arizona, you will find the adoption being subject not only to federal law but to the laws of the state of Arizona. Arizona allows anyone over the age of 18, regardless of marital status, the chance to adopt, barring any other factors that would render him or her ineligible. Arizona also requires potential adoptive parents to become certified eligible by a court of law before adopting. This includes criminal fingerprint background checks for all adults within the home. While not all records will immediately disqualify someone from adopting, it is vital to be upfront with your adoption agency or attorney regarding any past convictions or arrests.

There will also be a home study completed which will include safety checks of the homes and multiple interviews and questions asked of the adoptive parents. This is simply to establish the eligibility of a family to adopt but also to ensure the family is prepared for the needs of a new child. has an incredible informational page about the state of Arizona that outlines all aspects of adopting in the state of Arizona.

One of the more unique aspects of adopting a baby in Phoenix is the legal standing of open adoption agreements. The state of Arizona is one of 28 states that legally enforce open adoption agreements. The agreements must be drafted with consent from both the adoptive and birth parents. According to, these agreements must also state that the adoptive parents the right to revoke the contact allowed in said agreement if they feel it is no longer in the best interest of the child. 

There is much controversy regarding the effectiveness of legal enforcement of open adoption agreements due to all of the power being in the hands of the adoptive parents. However, these agreements lay out a template for healthy communication between adoptive and birth parents while respecting the rights of adoptive parents as the legal parent of the child.

In Arizona, birth parents may consent to an adoption 72 hours after the child is born. Once this agreement is signed, it is irrevocable unless there is proof that the consent was provided under duress or by fraud.

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